Is It A Manifesto?

It is simply a joy to be useful.

I do not believe the world needs me.

Yet… it is a joy to be helpful. It is not so much a drive as a natural magnetic attraction. A sweet outcome not powered by ambition. To connect the divine within to the very same divine joy without… Simply a delight! A joy! And within that matrix, sometimes a call to action.  I will gladly and gleefully go where called, respond as asked, and willingly participate in the doing as directed, from a place of pure joy.  Joy is its own reward. Joy comes from joy, moves towards joy, and culminates in joy. If the world seems to improve along the way, then that will be a lovely side benefit.

The offering is maximal, and always the same to everyone. As such, others begin to see and experience this fullness within themselves, rendering the “teacher” superfluous, unnecessary; irrelevant.

“I am not special.” “I am what you are.” “You are what I am.” “There is no difference.”

The purpose of any teacher is not to gather students. It is to offer everything they have; to put themselves out of a job.