“I would best describe my experiences with Jonathan as encountering the extraordinary in the most ordinary, kindest and gentlest of ways. Jonathan sees through and beyond all the layers–I felt instantly connected. Since meeting with him, I have experienced a great release and revelation in my life, letting go of the fear and guilt that imprisoned me for many, many years. And my Spirit has been experiencing true joy ever since!”  J.B.C. – Toronto, Canada

“After Jonathan’s session, I felt a deep sense of calm and peace.  Going into the session, I did not know what to expect.  We did not do that much talking, but after the session, he asked some questions that came to him intuitively and were very relevant to the issue I was experiencing.  I scheduled the session to get some assistance to release a feeling of being overwhelmed by responsibilities and life in general.  After the session, his suggestions were useful and pertinent.  I left with a deep sense of peace and an opening in depths of my heart that I have continued to open and explore on my continuing journey.”  K.M.H. – Seattle, WA

“While it is nearly impossible to find adequate words to describe my experiences with Jonathon, I suppose “reassured” is close (in the sense of removing someone’s doubts and fears). I am grateful for him sharing his special gift of guiding me deeper into my “busy mind” to make sense of my fears and apprehensions. I have never walked away from a session feeling anything less than empowered… and hopeful that I am continuing to make progress toward a spiritually fulfilled life. I most appreciate how he does it in a gentle way which still pushes me to dig deep and tap into raw emotions that stem from real experiences. While he, somehow, can see things inside of me on his own, he has a true talent for involving me in finding those internal walls and encouraging me to break them down a little at a time. ”  A.A. – Portland, OR

“I decided at the spur of the moment to have a reading with Jonathan. His intuitive skills were fine tuned, as he was insightful about some things I was struggling with at that time. He gave me one particular idea, a visual concept, which helped me tremendously on my journey of healing. Jonathan’s presence was kind and compassionate. He is a skilled healer, and has the quiet kindness that many who seek this kind of healing are in need of. I felt that I was being held in a safe, caring space with Jonathan.”  K.S. – Seattle, WA