Individual Sessions

“Oneness is whole, and what is whole is healed.”

Jonathan meets with people individually in person, and via phone and Skype.

How Do I Schedule a Session?

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What do you call this healing modality?

Jonathan: “I call it ‘healing by Divine Principle’ …when I have to. There really aren’t words for it. “Jonathan” is not really involved at all.  One has chosen to redirect their path and seek the Divine light, and the peace that comes from within.  This is ultimately a choice made in the mind of the seeker. They have chosen to find it, and so they do, in a form that works for them. The Divine spark grows brighter in them.”

What happens in a private session?

Jonathan: “The divine in one connects with the divine in the other and recognizes that it is the same; that there is no difference, that it is ONE. Some experiential awareness of that oneness – or wholeness – “rises up” and is experienced in ways that work for whomever is experiencing it. This often takes the form of physical healing, frequently as a psycho-spiritual healing, and often as a deep, gentle stillness. People often report vivid inner experiences, energetic surges, energetic quietude, or report “I just feel good!” They frequently find it hard to put their experience into words.”

 “As an expression of purely divine principle, the gift offered is always the same and always maximal. It follows that it has nothing to do with “Jonathan” as an individual ego or self. Thus, when this is received through the unique filter of another person, the experience that results is unique to that person.”

 “Often (though not always) during these healing encounters, intuitive information appears that can then be discussed and becomes part of the healing. Frequently, people experience “ripple effects” of their healing encounter over the subsequent days in the form of insights, powerful dreams, revelations, inspirations, and clearer connection with their own inner guidance.  In short, people find a greater connection with the divine.”

When sessions are done in person, Jonathan often asks permission to place a hand on the person’s head for a few minutes. It is not strictly necessary at all, but often seems to facilitate the experience.


None, really. It is preferable to be sitting as comfortably as possible, in a quiet place. If you have questions or concerns it’s best to be very succinct; to “boil them down” to their essence, with a minimum of story-telling. To whatever degree is possible, let go of expectations.

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