Jonathan loves traveling and meeting with those he can be helpful to. If you’d like to host an event, please contact us!

July 30, 2019 – Tuesday 7-8:30PM

Music Meditation & Healing: A Contemplative Evening Even For Those Who Dislike Meditation!

Location: Main hall, at the East West Bookstore, above Whole Foods

6407 12th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115

A healing multi-sensory, multi-dimensional evening designed to open one’s heart and mind to the deepest dimensions of oneself, lovingly curated by Jonathan.

“Like taking a bath in the Divine!” Join us for a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional evening as we open musical, visual and energetic doorways through the heart and mind to the deepest dimensions of… you. It’s like touching your highest and best self… which in turn allows that to direct more of your daily life.  Jonathan will also lead meditations and short dialogues with the opportunity for audience participation and direct healing.


The Multi-Dimensional Meditation Series:  deepening through music, dialogue & contemplation

7 – 8:30pm April 3, 10, 17, 24 – Interfaith Community Sanctuary, Ballard. Cost:  None, or donation.


Sept 11, 2018 Soul Healing & Singing Bowls

7:15pm-8:30 – Seattle Sound Temple, Seattle WA
$45 admission

Jonathan will be doing healing work in conjunction with Singing Bowl practitioner Irene Ingalls.

Seattle Sound Temple is located at 4300 Fremont Ave North, Seattle WA. Entrance is on North 43rd St behind Uneeda Burger & Rockcreek Restaurants


June 12, 2018 – Alameda, CA  11am-1pm

Gathering sponsored by Truth Circle Talks


May 5-9 2018 –  Binghampton & Ithaca, NY

Available for individual meetings


May 3, 2018 – Manhattan, NYC                                                              

“A Direct Experience of Self -or- Doing Your Duds with the Divine”

Hosted by Dr. Tim Merick,

7:00-9:00 pm,                                                                                                Location: Alive & Well                                                                                    124 East 40th Street, Suite 1104                                                                   NewYork, NY 10016


Sometimes in the course of our busy lives there is a quiet moment which reminds us of that deepest and highest impulse we’ve always known was in there – somewhere! – yet has so often gotten swept away by the busy demands of life.

It seems meaningful, maybe even important… Like it’s something worth paying attention to. Yet, boy… are we busy!

But what if the deepest and highest were able to inform our regular life? And not just on rare occasions, but in all the moments of any day… including the most mundane and ordinary?

Come join Dr. Tim Merrick and his guest, Jonathan Van Valin for an unusual evening, which will be more than talk: Come have a direct, experiential engagement with your “highest self,” an experience that can reorient you towards the Divine, and towards getting the right things done right now.


Dec 9 – Healing & Singing Bowls Sound Bath

7 – 8:30pm – Health First Chiropractic                                                                  $35 admission

Jonathan will give a short talk with a brief meditation journey which will lead in to an hour of singing-bowls sound bath – played by Maria Nunez –  during which Jonathan will do a few moments of individual healing work with each participant that wishes to do so.

Health First Chiropractic is located at 1818 E. Mercer St, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98112. This is the Capital Hill neighborhood.

Super Helpful Hints:  Due to construction, the entrance to Health First Chiropractic is located in the alley behind Monsoon, a lovely Vietnamese restaurant on 19th. Parking is easily found on the streets in the vicinity.


Oct 24, Soul Healing & Singing Bowls

7:15pm-8:30 – Seattle Sound Temple, Seattle WA
$45 admission

Jonathan will be doing healing work in conjunction with Singing Bowl practitioner Irene Ingalls. Please RSVP via email as space is limited for this event.


NY, Ithaca    June 30 – July 1st
Healing Sessions 

NY, Brooklyn    June 28th – 29th
Healing Sessions & Satsang (Spiritual Discussion)

CA, Oakland / Bay Area    May 17th – 20th
Healing Sessions & Satsang (Spiritual Discussion)

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People are saying

 “I decided at the spur of the moment to have a reading with Jonathan. His intuitive skills were fine tuned, as he was insightful about some things I was struggling with at that time. He gave me one particular idea which helped me tremendously on my journey of healing. Jonathan’s presence was kind and compassionate. He is a skilled healer, and has the quiet kindness that many who seek this kind of healing are in need of. I felt that I was being held in a safe, caring space with Jonathan.” 

K.S. – Seattle, WA