Jonathan grew up in suburban middle-class Seattle, spending much of his youth immersed in music and assorted outdoorsy and athletic pursuits.  His family was kind of a mess.  By 17, he’d managed to win many musical accolades and be kicked out of high school for a prank.  He did not win any “most likely to…” awards.

He did go to college though, where he devoted himself to training as a concert pianist; graduating with a music degree.  He then immediately pivoted to entrepreneurial pursuits, spending most of the following decade-plus self-employed. There were moderate successes and an ordinary amount of failures along the way.  He also had a tendency to go traveling across continents, including a stint living in Italy.

Throughout all of this, an inner search ramped up, mostly unrevealed to those around him, which eventually became quietly yet ferociously all-consuming. While many awakening shifts had occurred during these years, it was in 2011 that Jonathan left his regular life entirely for a long self-directed retreat in a remote village in the highlands of Guatemala. There, he went through a sort of “final” doorway, in which a radical falling away of egoic self became the abiding ground of his being.

For over a year following, back in Seattle, Jonathan was not inclined to talk at all; mostly doing so only when absolutely necessary.  And although the ordinary willingness to talk eventually returned, he still sat in a pleasant silence often, worked a little, and ultimately left again to wander quietly around Asia, Africa, and the U.S. People began to occasionally seek him out, or ask him to speak or teach about his experiences.  Along the way, an inner prompt revealed a subtle healing ability, often assisted by touching someone on their head. (A description of what that’s like can be found by clicking here.) But most of the time, unless asked quite directly, his natural tendency was to reveal nothing of his own experiences or gifts.

But that eventually shifted too. Over the past few years, the inner prompt to share what’s been received has become the prime mover of Jonathan’s life. His essential function, as he sees it, is to help people remove blocks to their awareness of their deepest being and to live from the peace that pours forth. He sees the rest of the story told above, ironically, as no longer having any particular relevance or importance at all. He is happy to be in service.